A DIY Fireplace to Dazzle the Room

How do you decorate your room?With a little bit of creativity.And this fireplace is just the perfect one for a firework night or even for a simple firework party.Here’s what you need: A small fire starter.(Or, you could make a fire with the same propane stove.)A piece of plywood.A few screws and a screwdriver.A few…

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How do you decorate your room?

With a little bit of creativity.

And this fireplace is just the perfect one for a firework night or even for a simple firework party.

Here’s what you need: A small fire starter.

(Or, you could make a fire with the same propane stove.)

A piece of plywood.

A few screws and a screwdriver.

A few candles.

Some paper towels.

(You can use these too.)

A bucket full of water.

(If you’re having trouble finding the right water, you can also use a bucket of water with a hose attachment.)

A towel.

A towel with a label that says “Make the fire.”

And a paper towel roll.

(It’ll come in handy later.)

Start the fire.

Put the wood and the fire starter in the fireplace and start the fire by putting some of the wood onto a flat surface.

Then, pour some water over the wood.

(I suggest putting some water on a small piece of wood, like a piece of scrap wood.)

Put some of your paper towels over the fire and wrap them around the paper towels so they’re covered with water.

You want to be sure that all of the paper towel rolls are touching the fire so they’ll stick to the wood if the water hits them.

Once you have all the paper-wrapped towels, place the wood on the paper.

(That’s because paper towels are sticky and don’t stick to each other.)

The paper should be quite wet.

Put some more paper towels around the fire to make sure there are no drips.

Flip the paper over and place the fire in a well-ventilated area.

(See how the fire is lit up and how much it’s actually burning in the fire?

That’s because water is getting into the wood from the paper.)

Place the fire on a fire ring and light it up.

Then put a little of the water on the fire, and start adding water as you go.

(Don’t worry if you don’t know how to light a fire.

You can read this tutorial on how to do it for you and find more videos of it.)

If the water doesn’t reach all the fire rings, then you can add more water.

Start adding water from one ring to the next, and keep adding water until all of your fire rings are lit up.

(Depending on how much water you’ve added, the water will make it difficult to keep the fire lit.)

When you’ve lit all of all your fire circles, the fire should have reached the fire ring you put it in.

You’ll want to put the fire back out and then repeat.

The next time you put the paper on top of the fire (or put it on top, if you have a lighter), you’ll want it to be quite moist, so it should be easier to get the fire going again.

Put a paper label with your name on it and then put some water underneath the label so it dries.

Put your paper towel on top and lay down some paper towels, so that they’re all wet.

Now, take a piece a paper-covered piece of wire and wrap it around the piece of paper you just wrapped.

(For safety reasons, I recommend wrapping the paper loosely so that it won’t snag your fire ring.) 

You’re done!

If the water drips on top (or if you notice that it doesn’t get enough water), add some more water and put the whole thing back out on the wood again.

Repeat this process until all the water has been added to the firework ring and all the wires are dry.

You should now have a nice, hot fire in the room.

You might want to add a little water to make it more enjoyable for the guests. 

Next, turn the fire up a little and then add more paper-covered pieces of wire, so you have something like this: Now you’ve got a fire going.

The fire will keep going until it’s completely out.

Then it should come to a halt.

(Again, depending on how wet you are, the wood may or may not stop the fire.) 

After it stops, put some more papers on top to cover the fire until it stops.

(This is important because you need the fire at a certain temperature to keep it lit.)

Put a few more paper towel pieces on top so that the paper will dry, and then start again.

You’ve got yourself a pretty awesome firework.

And you can have as many firework parties as you like.

(The trick is to make the fire bigger and hotter than usual.)

The best thing about having a fire is that you can always go back to the fireplace the next time. 

If you have questions about how to set up your room, check out the article How to Create a Fire in Your Home.

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