How to decorate your house with Luxe decor

Luxe is the newest trend in modern home decor, and you can decorate it up to your liking with your own ideas.We spoke to designer Jessica Sartori about how she uses her own personal style to create her house, and how you can go a step further with your decor.Jessica Sartoria: How did you get…

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Luxe is the newest trend in modern home decor, and you can decorate it up to your liking with your own ideas.

We spoke to designer Jessica Sartori about how she uses her own personal style to create her house, and how you can go a step further with your decor.

Jessica Sartoria: How did you get into fashion design?

Jessica SARTORI: I’m an undergraduate fashion designer, and I’ve been doing that for two years now.

I started out as a junior in high school, and went to a couple of local school, where I made my first pair of jeans, which I was really proud of, because I was so happy with them.

Then, when I got to college, I went into fashion production.

I ended up being a senior at the time, so I ended my career at that school, too.

And so, after that, I moved to New York, and started my own fashion label.

It was in a shop on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

And I started off just doing my own stuff.

Then after that I moved into my own label, which was called Luxe, which meant “luxury” in Italian.

So, when they asked me what I wanted to do, I said, “I want to do something a little more creative.”

And I was actually doing my first runway show, at Fashion Week, and it was my first time actually doing something that was really, really creative.

And that was at my very first show, in Paris.

So I kind of had the idea that I wanted this to be something that could really be fun, that was not really, “Okay, well, this is the perfect thing for me.”

That’s how I started this.

Jessica SARTORS: How do you use that inspiration to decorating your house?

Jessica SASTORI : I use my own style of clothes and accessories.

I love the vintage and vintage, I love, you know, the look that has an element of classic.

So when I wear something that I love to wear, it’s always the old clothes.

I have my own wardrobe, so it’s like I’m not just a designer of vintage clothes, I’m a designer who loves to wear vintage.

And then, when you make a new outfit for yourself, you can choose from a lot of different vintage clothes.

For me, it was a big focus for me, because for me as a designer, I want to create a new wardrobe that is very original.

So you can wear anything.

You can wear vintage clothes and also have a vintage look.

Jessica: And what do you love about vintage clothing?

Jessica: So, the thing I love about clothes from the ’60s is they always look like a little bit of an experiment.

And as I grew up, I wanted vintage clothes that I loved.

I think that was the original trend of my childhood, because it was all about experimenting with the way things were made.

And the things I wanted as a teenager to wear were just vintage clothes with a little twist.

I loved the simplicity of that.

So there’s a lot to love about the old styles.

And for me the thing that really brought me to the idea of retro clothing, was vintage.

I had a lot more nostalgia for that.

I would go on these old TV shows like Saturday Night Live, and they would be like, “Where did you buy that vintage piece of furniture?”

And I’d be like: “Oh, I was just thinking of a place in Italy.”

And they’d be, “Oh!

There you go!”

And I thought that was great.

Jessica, you’re known for your love of vintage fashion, and your passion for creating a modern, classic look.

How did your love for vintage fashion lead to your involvement in luxury fashion?

Jessica: I had my first real vintage wardrobe when I was in high, and that was actually when I bought a vintage coat that I wore as a kid.

It’s from the 1960s, and a couple pieces were just sitting in my closet.

And when I saw that, and the fact that it was vintage, it really made me think about vintage, and vintage inspired me to create this collection.

And it was something that’s sort of been kind of part of my life since high school.

And in the summertime, I’d go out and shop.

I’d buy vintage clothes like I used to do as a boy, like I would when I lived in Milan, and Milan was like a really, a very unique city, and there was a lot about Milan that was very vintage.

So that was something, and then I just started to do the retro clothes I did as a teen. Jessica

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