How to make Halloween decorations with pillows

A trick I learned when I was working at a local art gallery, where I worked for years, is that if you’re not going to buy anything, why not make something from scratch?The problem with Halloween decorations is that they’re really just cardboard boxes with decorations glued to them.If you’ve got a small workshop you…

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A trick I learned when I was working at a local art gallery, where I worked for years, is that if you’re not going to buy anything, why not make something from scratch?

The problem with Halloween decorations is that they’re really just cardboard boxes with decorations glued to them.

If you’ve got a small workshop you could make a few of these pillows for a quick and inexpensive Christmas gift.

Here’s what you need to make these little gems: cardboard box The box will hold your decorations.

I’ve found that the best way to make a good DIY Halloween decoration is to buy a lot of different cardboard boxes.

I think it’s really helpful to have a few different boxes with different sizes and materials.

You can find all kinds of different boxes for Halloween decoration.

I like to use cardboard boxes because they can be cut up and re-used, or you can buy a cheap cardboard box and make it out of scrap wood or fabric scraps.

Make sure you get the right size and materials for your cardboard boxes, so they’re not too big and too small.

Make two different kinds of cardboard boxes for each type of decoration.

The first kind is the box you need, the second is a smaller one.

I usually put the cardboard boxes in a stack so I can easily see which box I’m making.

Cut out two of your boxes, one big and one small.

I recommend putting the small box on top of the big one so that the big box won’t fall over.

I cut out a template for the template.

If the template says that the cardboard box is 3-inches wide and 3-3/4-inches tall, that’s the width of your decorations on the bottom.

If it says that it’s 5-inches or 7-inches, that means the height of the box.

Make your cardboard box a rectangle.

You want to make the top of your box as big as possible.

I always use a rectangle for my decorations.

If there’s a gap between the box and the floor, it’s not big enough for the decorations.

So if you don’t have a rectangle, I recommend making a circle and adding a border around the box so you have a nice rounded corner.

You could also put a decorative piece of foam on top if you need something a little bigger.

Add some decorations to the box Make sure the top is a square shape, not too wide, not to much bigger than your decorations, and not too small to fit inside.

Add a decorative pillow, or two or three, to each box.

Put a decorative ribbon on the back of each box and tie it to the cardboard.

Fold the ribbon so that it can hang on the cardboard and keep it straight.

You don’t want the ribbon to be too long.

For my box, I just cut the cardboard into strips, cut them into squares, and attached them to my boxes using a string.

The ribbon on my box had to be longer than the ribbon on all the other boxes because it would have stretched out a bit.

If your box has a little bit of extra space in the bottom, you could cut a hole in the cardboard with a knife and add some decorative strips to make extra room for the ribbon.

You might need to add some extra padding for the cardboard to be more secure.

Cut your decorative ribbon and hang it on the box, using some sort of decorative foam.

Place your decorations around the cardboard, making sure you’re placing the decorations around where they need to go.

If everything is secure, hang them up in the middle of your room.

It will help to put them in the same place as your decorations in your other rooms, so you won’t have to worry about them touching each other.

Make decorations for your room Put the cardboard on a high shelf.

This will help keep it from getting knocked over or falling over.

Place some pillows around the edges of the cardboard so you can easily find them and place them around your room, like this: Put a small wooden box on your nightstand and place the other cardboard box in front of it.

If yours is right up against the wall, it should be able to hold up to a few boxes.

Place the cardboard at the top.

Make a few decorative strips around each corner.

Make four decorative pill, about 6 inches wide, about 1-1/2 inches tall, and about 1/4 inch thick.

Place a wooden box in the corner and put your decorative pill on top.

Put your decorations inside and make sure the cardboard is flat.

Place one of the pillows on top, facing you.

You should see a ribbon that’s about the size of the pillow you’re making.

Add a little padding around the top, and a ribbon around the other side of the bottom of the rectangular cardboard box.

Place decorative ribbon around cardboard box with decorative pill and decorative ribbon, hanging it on a piece of cardboard, so that you can get a nice firm feel for the fabric underneath

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