‘Pleasantville’ house decor: ‘It’s not what it looks like’

Pleasantville, Virginia, is a town of about 500 residents in Virginia.It’s one of the most desirable locations for holiday homes.In fact, in 2016, it was ranked as one of “the top 50 most desirable homes in the country” by The Real Deal.The house decor at Pleasantville is a perfect example of what a great place…

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Pleasantville, Virginia, is a town of about 500 residents in Virginia.

It’s one of the most desirable locations for holiday homes.

In fact, in 2016, it was ranked as one of “the top 50 most desirable homes in the country” by The Real Deal.

The house decor at Pleasantville is a perfect example of what a great place to live can look like.

“It’s one that’s got that nice little feeling of being a little homey and a little luxurious,” resident Karen Dukes told me.

“A lot of people just really love that little extra touch.

And they love that feeling of privacy, a little privacy.”

But as Dukes and her family were decorating their home, they noticed that a few of the items in the home’s living room and dining room were missing from the walls.

They decided to call the company they hired to fix it in, and asked them to send the decorations back to the original homeowners.

They were surprised to find that all of the furniture in the dining room had been removed, along with the table and chairs.

“I was a little upset,” Dukes said.

“They said that they were going to fix the dining table, but they said it was not up to date.”

Dukes, her husband and two kids are now upset that they’re losing everything.

“My kids are very upset, because we’re so used to it,” she said.

She added, “If I don’t do something about it, we’re not going to be able to buy the house anymore.”

While the company is now fixing the damage, Dukes is still worried that the furniture will be lost forever.

“This was an item that I thought was going to last a lifetime,” she told me, “and I was hoping that the company would come and fix it.

They didn’t.

They just took it off the wall.”

Daughters and Dukes are now planning to sue the company for $1,000 each.

“We’re just very frustrated,” Duke said.

The couple said they were looking forward to decorating for the holidays, but are concerned about what will happen to their beloved Pleasantville home once it is repaired.

“Every Christmas since we moved here, I’ve been looking forward every year,” Daughters said.

But after they received the phone call from the company, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

“When we got the phone message that they took down our decorations, we knew that was the last straw,” Dies said.

Dukes contacted her local sheriff and the Pleasantville Police Department, and the local sheriff’s office sent an official message to the company to remove the missing items.

“The company told us that it was up to them to remove our decorations,” Dikes said.

In response, Daughters told me she plans to contact the county to have the decorations reinstated.

“That’s the best thing that could happen,” she explained.

“Because we want to be proud of our home.

We want to know that it’s not going anywhere.”

Dries’ husband, who lives in a suburb in Washington, D.C., agreed.

“He said that it is something that is very unfortunate, and he thinks that it will happen again,” Dries said.

Still, he is worried about the future.

“Right now, we have to take care of everything that is there,” he said.

He added that they will try to get the missing furniture back.

“If the sheriff’s department gets involved, we’ll try to fix everything,” Drys said.

They hope that they can get a replacement for the missing pieces, which they say they can find out for themselves.

“Even if we have it fixed, we want it back,” Dys said.

We’re still waiting to see what happens to the items.

If you would like to learn more about the company that installed the decorations, they can be found here.

The story originally appeared on Fortune.

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