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In the spring, I had the opportunity to visit a flower shop in the city of Tainan, where I had just moved in as a guest of the local school, where my first job was as a nursery teacher.The flower shop had a beautiful white flower pot that I had seen advertised in magazines and…

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In the spring, I had the opportunity to visit a flower shop in the city of Tainan, where I had just moved in as a guest of the local school, where my first job was as a nursery teacher.

The flower shop had a beautiful white flower pot that I had seen advertised in magazines and websites for a while, and I was excited to see that it would be a great addition to my home.

But I also noticed that this shop was completely empty.

Not one flower had been placed on display, and no flowers had been purchased or sold.

What was going on here?

Why were these flower shop owners not doing anything?

What could have caused them to be so disconnected from their customers? 

When I finally left the shop to ask questions, the owner told me that they had been selling flower pots and accessories for over 20 years and that they were the only flower shop that would sell flower pots in the whole city.

In fact, the only one that had a stock of them was in the neighboring town of Tanyu. 

“We have over 1,000 flower pots for sale, and we sell to over 20 different people,” he told me.

“If they want one, we will sell it to them, but for us, it’s very important to sell flowers that are not for sale.”

When I asked what they could do to make their flower shop more convenient, he said they could offer discounts, such as 10% off the regular price for a flower pot, or a 10% discount on other accessories such as brushes, pots, and even a glass bowl.

But this was not what they wanted to do.

I asked why.

“It’s because the flowers are very expensive,” he explained.

“But the price is not enough to make people want to buy the flowers, so we don’t sell them.

We sell them only for people who are willing to pay the price.”

The reason flower shops are not selling flowers is because the prices they charge for them are extremely high.

According to the Taiwan Statistics Bureau, the price of a flower is approximately one thousand yen ($1.00).

This means that one thousand Yen will be worth a flower that is valued at about US$150. 

If you are interested in buying a flower, you will need to have your flower purchased in the flower shop.

They also sell items such as tea bags, tea spoons, and other household items, and it is difficult to find them in the market, so it’s hard to know what they are worth. 

But there is a way around this problem.

In the United States, flower shops in the mid-Atlantic and Midwest are typically more than a decade old.

If you have purchased a flower in the United Kingdom, for example, you can buy a flower at a flower store in the U.K. and have it delivered to your home for free.

In Taiwan, you must pay the regular fee of US$1,000 to purchase a flower and get it delivered.

The flowers in Taiwan are sold at flower shops, but are not purchased at home. 

The flowers in my flower shop were priced at US$10 each, but they were selling for around US$30.

So how did they make money?

According to Tanyuan’s flower shop owner, he and his employees make money by selling the flower to their customers for about US$.10 each.

That means that each time a customer buys a flower from the flower store, he is paying around US$.5. 

According to Tainans flower shop, flower sales are the biggest business for the shop.

When customers buy a product, they buy it for a price.

They can also pay in cash, which is what Tanyans flower store does.

They charge a small fee to make the transaction easy for the customer.

Tanyuan flower shop uses the money it makes from the sales of flowers to buy more flower pots, accessories, and tea accessories, all of which are sold for a similar price.

This is where the disconnect starts.

How do you make money from selling flowers?

The shop owner said that in the past, he would sometimes pay for a bottle of water in cash and that he would bring that bottle to the customer when they came into the flower room to pick up the flowers.

But these days, he sells the flower pot and accessories to his customers for a monthly fee of around US.$1. 

As long as the customers don’t pay the flower prices or use the flower products in the shop, Tanyan’s flower shops profits are minimal.

I asked the flower shops owner why he had decided to use this system.

He told me he was trying to make money, but he also wanted to attract customers to the flower garden so that he could continue to make more money.

But how do you get customers to come to the shop?

He explained that the

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